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Food waste is the largest discarded material category in the U.S. accounting for 33 percent of the municipal waste stream. Food waste sent to a landfill is buried and decomposes in the absence of oxygen which produces methane, a significant greenhouse gas.

You as a person can not really recycle glass or plastic, but you can recycle food scraps yourself!

Organics are the heaviest part of your waste, by taking it out you will save money.

The cost of curbside collection is stupendous and not sustainable. It is much more cost efficient to compost locally,

It is my responsibility. I pay my taxes, pay my bills, go to work, raise my kids, love my family, prevent waste, recycle, and compost.

I want a healthier garden. 10 yrs ago I had no worms in my garden, today I have thousands. I want a resilient landscape come what may.

I compost because it will help Earth be a better place then it all ready is.

I want to make this world a better place.

I like to!

Improving the Carbon Footprint by keeping it local.

Other recyclables become an inferior product, organics become magical gold that has about 20 benefits.

31% of our waste are organics. That is a huge portion of waste that could be eliminated out of the waste stream.

Here you start out with this stinky, slimy material and then like magic you turn it into this amazing beneficial brown stuff.

Garbage collection a subsequent burial isn’t a natural process. Naturally our garbage would be eaten by animals. Composting heals that.

If we are lucky enough to have extra food, we shouldn’t just throw it away.

I want to help the earth!

I want to do everything I can to make sure the next generation has a safe, beautiful world to live in!

What comes from soil, should return to soil!

You improve your physical health by turning compost!

Collecting your organics makes you aware of how much you are wasting and helps you not be so wasteful with your food.

If it goes into landfill it becomes a problem, if it is being composted it becomes a resource.

You can improve soil health and reduce soil contamination by applying compost.

Together we can change the world.

I compost because I hope it can help wit climate change and other dangerous green house gases which would be better for our world.

I would like a future with a very clean and nice world without the problem of climate change.

I compost because I am privileged to participate in the natural cycle of organic material founded by the Creator. We must not waste “waste”.

Single most effective way to help the earth. Did I say it was easy too?

If it is being composted locally you will save cost and the environment. Instead of when it is being trucked away 100’s of miles.

Many big compost facilities are using plastic covers to cover their piles with creating more waste. This is eliminated if you compost yourself.

Because of my bad back and our poor soil, we built raised garden beds, and we fill them with the soil composting creates.

I grew up in Queens and my aunt always had a compost pile!

I love working in a garden and expanding organic life. I started to become healthier and I also started to help the people around me.

I compost because I like to be able to eat my veggies and fruits without pests getting to them first. My grandfather helps me when I compost.

To save the Earth from unorganic and pollution that perform vital role in climate change and as a result we face many problems.

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