About Us


Earth Matter NY is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

We seek to reduce the organic waste misdirected into the garbage stream by encouraging neighbor participation and leadership in composting.

We see that:

  • There is one soil, one air, and one water, all commonly held and stewarded by one people, the nurturance of which is critical to a verdant world.

  • Organic waste should not be part of modern landfills because the waste of any process is food for other processes.

  • Transportation of waste far beyond the source unnecessarily despoils the soil, air, and water.

  • Society needs to alter the way waste is treated as part of an integrated, long term solution to food, climate, and energy issues.

  • The power to manifest global social change lies within each of us. The challenge to take action rests on our shoulders.

We endeavor to:

  • Compost organic waste locally on behalf of our friends.

  • Educate, encourage, and support ongoing community composting efforts.

  • Utilize best practices for the improvement of soil health.

  • Promote water conservation practices to reduce the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) burden on municipal sewer systems.