Participate/Training Program

Farm Apprenticeship Program (Ages 18 to ∞)

Program Description

This course will introduce you to hands-on practical skills to operate a small scale urban farm. You will learn how to make “Gold Standard” compost in a variety of urban environments (e.g. community gardens, urban agriculture enterprises, multi-unit apartment buildings). You will be exposed to a variety of composting procedures, devices and systems with the goal of utilizing best practices for the improvement of soil and plant health. You will learn other fundamentals of urban farming, including propagation, crop planning, bed preparation, irrigation, and harvesting. You will learn to safely use the correct tools to accomplish this. You will be a part of developing a business plan and market strategy for the farm.

We are accepting applications for our farm apprenticeship which will run in two sections, the first from March 2 to July 15, 2018; and the second cycle from July 1 to October 31, 2018.

Note that there are a limited amount of placements available.

Apply to be a farm apprentice!

Program Objectives

  • Learn cooperative principles, social justice concerns, and time management techniques
  • Greenhouse production
  • Irrigation
  • Making soil compost blends, garden beds prep, and plant crops for comparative studies
  • Care for animals (e.g. goats, red wiggler worms, bees).
  • Learn how to safely use tools to build farm and compost related devices
  • Create added value products and entrepreneurship strategies

Program Benefits

    • Urban Farm Apprenticeship Certificate (250 hours)
    • Gain farming and green job skills
    • Create connections within the NYC urban agriculture, greening and composting community
    • Advance your knowledge about environmental issues and concerns
    • Educational opportunities to develop leadership skills in teaching  a variety of farm and composting-related topics

Target Audience

Budding farmers, and gardeners who are interested in growing their skills to the next level (ages 18+). People interested in acquiring green job skills, spreading knowledge of composting, and urban farming best practices in New York City and beyond.

Time Commitment

2 days per week for a total of 150 hours