Compost Learning Center

Earth Matter NY’s Compost Learning Center is our sustainable home base on Governors Island. At the Center, we showcase numerous devices and methods for making compost and care for upwards of 60 animals (50,000 if you count the worms and bees!).

We also compost yard waste from Governors Island and 28,000 lbs of food scraps from Governors Island and NYC community members each month! The Compost Learning Center is a place where you can learn about composting, dig your hands in the earth, and help us ensure that there is “no waste wasted” on Governors Island.

Methods and Compost Devices

We use a wide variety of composting devices and methods.

Animals in the Compost Cycle

Animals are an important part of our composting process.

Compost Distibution

Once the composting process is finished, we have multiple uses for our finished compost.