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Earth Matter NY accepts and processes food scraps as part of the NYC Compost Project Local Organics Recovery Program funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation. Click here for more info.

Upon Fugi's return to the rooftop,she escaped through spaces in the netting on Christmas Day, and then again on December 26, 2012, flying down 5 flights to the planter box on the corner of Attorney Street, where she laid a small blue egg each day. Chicken caretakers Marisa and Emily and 5 year old son, Tristan retrieved Fugi both days with help of experienced chicken handlers from the neighborhood who happened to be walking down the street. Since the move from Governors Island , Fugi has been picked on by the other hens. On the back of her head, there was a spot where feathers were missing. On January 10, Fugi was not in the coop at night time with the other 17 chicks. The next morning she was found outside of the netting on the roof and when lettuce was offered to lure her back to the "right" side of the netting, she was distracted by the guest cat and flew across the street, and down thirty feet to the second level of an exterior fire escape.

7db81cd289489badc5251e1b Current chick chow has been generously provided by: neighbor food scraps, Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop, Kelso's brewery (spent grains) Park Slope food coop, Ciao for Now and Rawvolution on E 12 St.